Jackie Chan says ‘Rush Hour 4’ movie is in the works, recalls fight with Bruce Lee: ‘I wanted him to hit me again’

Hello Friends In this article I am going to tell you about the recently held International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia in which superstar Jackie Chan has given interesting information related to his upcoming film plans and Bruce Lee.

Hong Kong’s famous action actor “Jackie Chan” has completed 60 years of his acting career. He recently participated in the famous Red Sea International Film Festival, which was held in Saudi Arabia from December 1 to December 10. While talking to the media reporters at the film festival, Jackie Chan made some exciting revelations about his upcoming projects and his film acting career.

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When Jackie Chan was interacting with the media among his fa.inns, he confirmed that the next part of our highly popular Rush Hour franchise is the Rush Hour 4 movie, the fourth installment in the Rush Hour series. About which talks are going on with the filmmakers. However, he has not made any disclosure about the director of the film. But according to the speculations of the fans, the director of the fourth installment of the series can be Brett Ratner as he directed the first three movies.

Talking to the media at the Red Sea International Film Festival, Jackie Chan told about the beginning of his film career that when I used to act as a jobbing stuntman, I used to get 80 cents. And during that time I met Bruce Lee. When superstar Bruce Lee hit me during a thrilling stunt. they told that Bruce was in shock at that time and I faked my injury to get his sympathy.

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He said that “as a stuntman, you can get hurt every day, and it doesn’t matter. I deliberately pretend that I am hurt a lot. Then he comes to help me seeing this, and says, I am sorry for this. He says that every time I turn around throughout the day and throughout the night, I see Lee, asking if I am okay. I wanted him to hit me again,” and Jackie Chan also told that this incident led to me getting more work.

Jackie said that when Bruce Lee died in 1973, how he was groomed to succeed him, but he believed that he could not take Bruce Lee’s place because he was a top-class fighter. He told that I refused for this and I said that I am not Bruce Lee. Because when the Bruce Lee high kick, I kick low. I fight the exact opposite of the way Bruce fights. That’s Jackie Chan. I do it only for myself.

Jackie Chan had a desire to carve a niche for himself from the very beginning and that is what inspired him to develop his martial arts style. Which people know by the name of ‘The Jackie Chan Style’. According to him, routine action films have started getting boring, so he thought of doing something different and started using comedy along with his slow action. If I can’t find any other use then I do some more dangerous stunts.

He honestly won the hearts of people with his popularity at the Red Sea Film Festival. Action superstar Jackie Chan said that his films run longer. Because he closely follows every step of the making of his film and controls it well. He said that there are many good action stars but my action is better and different from others. That’s why I write the script of my films myself.


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