Everything to Know About Bhediya Movie(2022): Story, Release Date, Cast, Movie Budget, Trailer (2022)

About ‘Bhediya’ Film: Story, Release Date, Cast, Movie Budget, Trailer


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The story of Bollywood’s Bhediya film is about a boy named Bhaskar, a village located in the forest of Arunachal Pradesh. Which has been bitten by a dreaded wolf. And after that, he starts turning into a wolf.

Yes, it is true that Very soon you will see him in the upcoming Bhediya movie of Maddock Films production company. Varun Dhawan will be seen in a completely different style in this movie because in Bhediya movie he is transformed from a human to a wolf Animal. It is the first Creature Comedy and Horror movie in the Indian Bollywood industry.

Varun Dhawan is a famous actor of the Bollywood industry. Recently he has completed 10 years in the Bollywood industry. If you are a fan of Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan, then this article is for you, Because he is coming up with a tremendous movie for his fan.

‘Bhediya’ Movie Release Date

The official release date of the upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Bhediya’ has been announced by Maddock and Jio Studios, this movie will be released in all theaters on 25 November 2022. The teaser of  ‘Bhediya’  Movie has already been released. The trailer of the movie has been liked by the people. The movie is quite good.

Story of Bhediya (2022) Movie

The trailer of Varun Dhawan’s upcoming movie ‘Bhediya‘ has been released. If we talk about the story of this movie, then according to the trailer of this movie, this movie is made on a dreaded wolf. In which Varun Dhawan is shown transforming into a wolf. In the beginning of the movie’s trailer, Varun Dhawan is sleeping upside down on the bed of his room. And Kriti Sanon and both friends try to wake up Varun Dhawan and while awake they all are very scared. It is shown in the trailer of the movie that Varun Dhawan has been bitten by a fierce wild wolf. And because of that, the power of a wolf comes into his body. And he becomes a wolf in the middle of the night. This movie is quite scary, seeing that people will get goosebumps. In this movie, you will get to see comedy along with horror. The movie is very tremendous and the audience is liking it a lot. Mowgli’s song “Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai” is also heard in the last of the trailer.

You must have heard the story of the wolf before, in which a person becomes a wolf in the night and remains a human in the midst of everyone during the day. In the story of some wolf, a person becomes a wolf only on the new moon or full moon night and remains as a human for the rest of the day. Its strength increases greatly on the new moon or full moon night. You must have heard a lot of such stories and must have seen movies too.

Bhediya (2022) Movie’s Trailer Out

The official Trailer of the Bhediya movie has been released on YouTube on 19 October 2022 by Maddock Production Company and Jio Studios. The story of this movie is about a dreaded wolf.


This video is taken from the official YouTube channel of JioStudios

‘Bhediya’ Movie Cast Name

  • Varun Dhawan as Bhaskar
  • Kriti Sanon as Dr. Anika
  • Deepak Dobriyal
  • Abhishek as Banerjee
  • Shraddha Kapoor in a special appearance in the song “Thumkeshwari”

If we talk about the cast of this Bhediya movie, the main cast of this movie is Bollywood’s famous actor Varun Dhawan, who has acted as Bhaskar, and the main actress Kriti Sanon as Dr. Anika. This is the second time that Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon will be seen together in the movie Bhediya after seven years. Before this, both were seen together in Sharukh Khan and Kajol’s film Dilwale. And now the audience is waiting for the release of this movie to see both of them together again on the big screen. Deepak Dobriyal and Abhishek Banerjee are also in the lead roles.

‘Bhediya’ Movie Writer

Niren Bhatt is the writer of the upcoming Bollywood comedy and horror movie ‘Bhediya‘. He is known as a popular screenwriter and lyricist of all mediums. Who has worked as a writer for movies like- Bala, Serious Men, Made in China, Ventilator, Wrong Side Raju and Bey Yaar.

‘Bhediya’ Movie Director

Amar Kaushik is the director of the upcoming Indian Bollywood movie ‘Bhediya’. He is working in the Hindi cinema world as a director and actor. Prior to this movie, Amar Kaushik worked as a director for the Hindi movies Stree (2018) and Bala (2019). Stree is a comedy horror and Bala is a satirical black comedy Hindi movie. He is best known for directing critical and commercial blockbuster films.

‘Bhediya’ Movie Producer

The upcoming Bollywood ‘Bhediya’ movie is produced by Dinesh Vijan. He is an Indian producer and director. Earlier this Producer has produced some Bollywood critically and commercially movies such as Stree, Hindi Medium, Luka Chuppi, Badlapur, Love Aaj Kal, and Cocktail, etc.

‘Bhediya’ Movie Production Company

Bhediya is an upcoming Bollywood movie of Maddock production company. Dinesh Vijan is the founder of this company. This movie is distributed by Jio Studios. Maddock is an Indian film & web series production company. that has produced critically and commercially acclaimed Hindi movies such as:- Love Aaj Kal (2009), Cocktail (2012), Badlapur (2015), Hindi Medium (2017), Stree (2018), Luka Chuppi (2019), Bala (2019) and Mimi (2021).

‘Bhediya’ Movie Budget

Varun Dhawan’s upcoming horror and comedy movie ‘Bhediya’ has been reported a budget of approx 60 Crore. In which, the production cost is 50 Crore and print and advertising cost is 10 Crore.


Q. Who is the writer of ‘Bhediya’ movie?

Ans. Niren Bhatt

Q. Who is the Director of ‘Bhediya’ movie?

Ans. Amar Kaushik

Q. Who is the Producer of ‘Bhediya’ movie?

Ans. Dinesh Vijan

Q. Bhediya Movie belongs to which production company?

Ans. Maddock production PVR.ltd

Q. What is the budget for ‘Bhediya’ movie?

Ans. The budget for the Bhediya movie is 60 crore (Approx)

Q. Who is in the Cast of the ‘Bhediya’ Film?

Ans. Varun Dhawan as Bhaskar, Kriti Sanon as Dr. Anika, Deepak Dobriyal, and Abhishek Banerjee have roled in the Bhediya movie.

Q. When will ‘Bhediya’ movie be released?

Ans. Releasing date of the Bhediya movie is 25 November 2022.

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